If your Company wants to start selling abroad or wishes to develop and consolidate its business in foreign markets, then the Co.Mark Temporary Export Specialist® is definitely the most well-structured and effective answer.
The Co.Mark Export Specialist® avails himself of well-established best practices thanks to twenty years’ experience in small and medium enterprises, along with constant technological research, the use of data banks and intellectual property information tools, as well as a new and extremely result oriented method.



    • Physical presence within the company alongside the entrepreneur

The Co.Mark TES® follows the company step by step throughout the entire duration of the collaboration. He visits the company regularly and even when he is not physically there , he is constantly monitoring  and helping to manage backlog jobs. The TES® is always available to receive telephone calls and e-mails, to pay his clients a visit as well as going to the trade shows.


    • Innovative

For each client Co.Mark uses innovative ad hoc strategies to gather information and business opportunities thanks to data banks, on the field telephoning as well as by always working together with all the TES® scattered in companies all over Italy.


    • Pragmatic and result orientated

The TES® begins selling activities immediately and improves his strategy right on the field as he goes along. While dealing with commercial negotiations he gathers market information that helps to redefine and optimise his plan of action. His goal is to help the Client to sell in an organised way and constantly over time.


    • He uses his own computer tools

Co.Mark is the only Italian entity that has designed a specific software for planning export strategies. Thanks to digital platform, the TES® can assess the competition, the most convenient markets and the distribution channels that best suit your product.


    • Measurable

Co.Mark helps the company to develop its sales through precise and measurable steps that streamline the entire start up and management process of Export Management activities, thus accomplishing  efficient and high level standards. All this is possible because we use specific computer tools for supervising, managing and developing commercial activities.


  • Use of Web Marketing and Lead Generation

In addition to complement the Temporary Export Management service, Co.Mark works alongside the client companies through Web Marketing e Lead Generation integrated services. We aim at developing a strategy that, by activating different marketing channels (Website, Blog, Landing Pages, SEO, Google AdWords, Newsletter, Social Network…), can increase traffic on the website, generate contacts, find new clients and secure their loyalty.