Tinexta S.p.A. is a modern and multiform group. Through the years its profile has constantly grown and today it is a complex group that operates through various companies. It has many different specialisations but all of them have the same common denominator: to help customers to turn information into growth, finding new systems and resources to work in a safe and up to date way.

Tinexta operates through three business units: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services. Each one meets up to different needs: to safely dematerialise the certified dialogue processes, to simplify and render efficient all data and credit information acquisition processes, to supply systems for recouping worth, and for opening the door to the globalization of the product.
We believe that process innovation is the key to accomplish, more quickly and better than in the past, all the activities needed for those who work, produce and are looking for safe and smooth methods. With a thousand employees and a specialised offer Tinexta reaches the entire Italian territory. Today, our clients include enterprises, financial institutions, insurance companies, public administration, trade associations, professional associations and freelancers. All this is possible also thanks to strategic partnerships secured with those who work in the business service sector and in credit institutions. Every one of these has a different request and each one receives a response tailored to the needs.

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