• Experience

Co.Mark has been the first to conceive the concept of Temporary Export Management, and to develop an innovative model to tackle company marketing and to expand international commerce.
After twenty years of experience alongside companies from all over Italy, today Co.Mark embodies the highest quality standard for sustaining export development in small and medium enterprises in Italy.

  • Expertise, method and equipment

Co.Mark is always investing in new technologies and expertise.
The HR department at Co.Mark carefully selects all our Temporary Export Specialists® and offers them continuous and up to date in house training so they are ready to work in international markets.
They use state-of-the-art computer tools that help to approach rationally the management and the planning of Export Management activities using an effective method that guarantees quick, tangible and measurable results.

  • Outsourcing

Outsourcing is without doubt the added value of the Co.Mark service. The successful results obtained through outsourcing allow to benefit from the experience gained by a network of more than 100 Temporary Export Specialists working all over Italy in different commercial sectors. Every day our TES® gather and share market information as well as business opportunities from countries around the world.

  • Training

While working to find new clients and develop new markets, the Co.Mark Temporary Export Specialist®, through on the job training, offers the enterprise his skills and know-how. Working alongside the TES®, the employees learn the processes, the resources and the methods needed to progressively export on their own.