Co.Mark was established in 1998 by Massimo Lentsch and offered operational consulting services for acquiring customers and to create commercial networks both in Italy and abroad. Today it has become a leading joint stock company specialised in Temporary Export Management services for the globalization of micro, small and medium enterprises in Italy.
Co.Mark’s headquarters are in Bergamo, in the innovation centre “Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Kilometro Rosso” and boasts approximately 180 employees.

Co.Mark’s intervention is tailored to the needs of enterprises of every size and in every industry with on the job training that aims at tangibly conveying the know-how, methods and operational procedures needed for a self-reliant export strategy. The partnerships with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and with Banks are becoming more and more important, offering the associated enterprises information and training meetings to prepare them for international markets.

In July 2015, a company under Spanish law was set up in Barcelona. The new company aims at supporting, through the new export model, small and medium Made in Spain enterprises; a market that is very similar to the Italian one.
Since March 2016, Co.Mark has become a subsidiary of the Group Tecnoinvestimenti that, with a thousand employees and eight headquarters in Italy, operates throughout the entire Italian territory offering enterprises diversified services thanks to three key Business Units: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.

Massimo Lentsch | Founder and CEO of Co.Mark

“Co.Mark’s history is the story of an idea,
it’s the story of ingenious methods and formulas,
it’s the story of innovative resources and unique skills,
it’s the story of the TES® that work alongside small and medium enterprises to export successfully,
it’s the story of entrepreneurs that bring the Made in Italy trademark products around the world…
Year after year, month after month…”